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          Start in Taiwan and aim at the world

          Rooted in Taiwan, UTA is a leading manufacturer that produces hinges for Asia.
          In 2002, the UNITA Industrial Co., Ltd was set up in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province
          in order to expand production capacity...

          UTA, a brand after 30 years’ development

          Over the years, UTA has been devoted to building a rigorous and professional
          R &D team, constantly deepening and improving the construction of the production base,
          and insisting on strict quality inspection system for decades, so as to win the trust of users,
          industrial and brand reputation with innovative ability and excellent quality...

          Support series

          High-tech accessories for tatami

          Hinge series

          High-tech accessories for door panel

          Bouncer & Door Buckle

          High-tech accessories for hardware

          Slide rail series

          High-tech accessories for drawers

          Quality certification

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